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In a digital world where design, videos, and images loom large, you’ll want to develop your online presence in a thoughtful, aesthetically pleasing way. 


Why? Because even though we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, we all do. So let’s make sure your “book cover” is scroll-stopping!

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About Thoughtfully Pretty

Thoughtfully Pretty was created to be your space to find resources and tools to intentionally move your business forward online. Whether you want to do it yourself, need some guidance, or want it all done for you, this space has you covered.

About Siobhan Pretty

Hi there! I’m Siobhan Pretty, the creator behind Thoughtfully Pretty.


I started Thoughtfully Pretty to empower you in your business’s online journey. There’s so much going on in the digital world that just getting started feels overwhelming and nearly impossible. But what I’ve learned in my time in content marketing is that showing up online doesn’t have to be this way.

Photo of Siobhan smiling and looking at the camera.
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