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Photo of Siobhan sitting at her desk and smiling while looking at the camera.
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Hi There! 

I’m Siobhan Pretty, the creator behind Thoughtfully Pretty, and I’m so glad that our paths have crossed.


I started Thoughtfully Pretty to empower you in your business’s online journey. There’s so much going on in the digital world that just getting started feels overwhelming and nearly impossible. But what I’ve learned in my time in content marketing is that showing up online doesn’t have to be this way.


It’s possible to sort through the noise and show up authentically for yourself and your business. In fact, I believe that showing up intentionally and authentically in every area of your life is the way to success.


I know that you are a real person that started something you believe in, and I know that your business is so much more than the latest Instagram or TikTok trend, there’s real purpose and soul at its heart. And, I want to help you share that with your audience.

Photo of Siobhan sitting at her desk and smiling while looking at the camera.

My Story

I’ve always had a passion for creativity and found joy in helping people. I started in the world of design thinking this would marry creativity and helping others. Very quickly after joining the workforce, I realized that I missed the feeling of always learning, writing papers, being creative, and sharing the things I’ve learned with others.


After some re-evaluation and self-reflection, I decided to go back to school for writing and communication. Here I realized that through content creation, I could recapture the joys I felt in school. I could share new things in a fun and creative way, and best of all, I could support small businesses and individuals to make an impact that I feel good about.


Through content creation I get to write (fun) papers and design to my heart's content — it’s just the creative and fulfilling work I’ve been looking for.


In my spare time I continue to learn — I love to read and look for ways I can work on myself (Anyone else a lover of personal development books? I can’t seem to get enough of them!)

My Education & Experience

I’ve worked with a variety of small businesses over the years, and have harnessed this love for small businesses by offering content creation services.


Before taking on freelance content creation full-time, I worked as a Sales & Marketing Coordinator for a skincare company. In this role I wore a variety of "hats" from social media manager, to content writer and editor to community outreach and engagement person.


I have a Bachelor of Interior Design which has helped influence my work in a variety of ways — from developing pretty designs to project management. I've also earned a Post-Graduate Certificate in Professional Writing & Communications which has helped me achieve a solid foundation for writing for a variety of platforms.


Given the fast-paced nature of the digital world, I regularly participate in courses and programs to stay up-to-date on content creation best practices. Most recently I've earned a certificate in Content Marketing.

What does all this mean for you?

It means I can help you thoughtfully move your small business toward your goals and help you get noticed online.


How can I do this for you?

  • With my writing education & experience

  • With my social media education & experience

  • With my sales & marketing experience

  • With my design education & experience

  • With my love for creativity & drive for successful outcomes


I can take this knowledge and these skills and strategically turn them into content that converts. Whether that’s helping you develop a content strategy or creating content in the form of blog posts, email campaigns, social media posts, product descriptions, website pages, or all of these things rolled together.


Curious about my work? Take a look at my portfolio or at my blog all about content creation and content writing (it’s chock-full of helpful tips and valuable insights).

If you find yourself connecting with my work and wanting to work together, let's set up a chat!

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