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Below you'll find samples of my writing for a variety of projects from relationship-nurturing blog posts to personal experience blog posts.

How To Have A Spa Day At-Home When You’re Missing The Spa

This blog post was written for an organic skincare company that wanted to offer their audience a bit of comfort amid shut-downs during the pandemic with a how-to blog post for an at-home spa day. In addition to this, the client hoped to incorporate product recommendations from their skincare line.


Working with the direction offered by the owner, I researched for relevant details and naturally worked product recommendations into the blog in a way that would feel genuine and not overly sales-oriented — as the hope was to focus on value for their audience in a stressful time.

Photo of a bathtub tray placed over a filled bubble bath. On the tray is a candle, bath bomb, Epsom salts, and flowers sitting on it.
Photo of a laptop open to a photo saying, "work hard anywhere."

Working Remotely + Internships: An Effective Pairing for Valuable Learning Opportunities

This project was requested to share my experience as a remote intern in the summer of 2020 for the Professional Writing & Communications (PWC) program at Humber College. The client requested that this be a 200-300 word piece so they could send prospective students to the blog and demonstrate that remote internships do work. 


The project was well-received and is still available on the PWC blog for prospective students to see.

Step Back Big Bad Wolf, These Straw Homes Have Got You Beat

This piece was written to shed light on a natural building method, strawbale construction,  that often raises a lot of questions from those who’ve never heard of it. The goal was to address concerns that the reader may have and to explain how the construction method worked in a simple way.

Image by Annie Spratt

The Delights of House Plants: 7 Benefits We Should All Obsess Over

The goal of this piece was to create a blog post to show the benefits of plants in our day-to-day life in a way that would be captivating to audiences who are new to owning house plants and the psychology behind their benefits. Part of the goal was to maintain a conversational tone that was easy-to-read.

How To Be Eco Friendly While Working From Home

This “listicle” blog post was written to be value-oriented to help people make more sustainable choices in their everyday life. It was researched and outlined to deliver actionable items and to leave room for potential profitability in terms of affiliate links.

Photo of a woman typing on her laptop in her home office.
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