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I’m a Content Writer Who Uses AI: Here’s Why

Using AI to create content is a hot topic these days. Some people celebrate it, others use it to make their lives easier, and some avoid it like the plague. As a content writer, I manage to fall into every one of these categories at different times. That being said, I've learned that there are a few key things about using AI that I find incredibly useful.

AI Forces Me to Explore New Writing Styles

As a writer, I sometimes find myself in a rut, unintentionally defaulting to the same words or phrases (because, for some reason, a part of my mind latches onto them and won’t let go). Or worse, I can end up structuring sentences the same way or using the same connectors from one sentence to the next. (I’m painfully aware of how often I use the words "when it comes to…[insert topic.]")

I find it inspiring to stick a sentence I’m stuck on into a program like ChatGPT and ask it to rewrite it in a few different ways. Will I take what it suggests directly? Maybe. Will I find a new word or phrase to use? Usually. Will it spark my creativity? Definitely.

It's like having a thesaurus for entire phrases rather than single words or terms. It saves me from the frustration of feeling like I’m banging my head against the wall when traditional tools or even helpful ones like WordHippo leave me unsatisfied with their alternatives.

AI Is a Helpful Editor and a Fresh Pair of Eyes

When you write, you can get too close to your work and miss obvious mistakes. Usually, I work around this by finishing a project, setting it aside for a day or two, and then coming back to edit with a fresh perspective. Sometimes, however, I don’t have that much time, and that’s where AI steps in as a fresh set of eyes. It catches all those embarrassing mistakes (like a misplaced comma or a glaring spelling error).

AI is also great at helping me find clarity and simplicity in my writing style, as I have a tendency to be verbose — which isn’t ideal for readers. It’s a patient tutor in many ways, showing me where I can improve and answering my questions about the suggestions it makes.

AI Can Be a Lot of Fun

It’s fascinating to see how changing a prompt ever so slightly can yield entirely different results. Or how it fills in a blog outline compared to how I would. It gets the creativity flowing so that I don’t get stuck in my own head.

AI Is Probably Going to Take My Job

Okay, maybe it isn’t going to completely take my job, but it will certainly change how my job operates today. So with the good ol’ saying, "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" in mind, I feel the need to learn how to work with AI for the longevity of my career.

The use of generative AI tools like ChatGPT is only going to increase, and it will be integrated into how different jobs operate, making it an essential skill. Learning to use these tools is, in many ways, like learning to use any other software to complete a task, and being able to use them will not only help you get work done but will also make it more efficient.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: AI is showing no signs of going anywhere any time soon, so it's a tool I feel I should adapt to using in my writing process!

Final Thoughts

Using AI tools that write content for you can be a divisive decision in the writing world. Some writers claim it isn’t good enough or lacks the human touch. However, I’ve personally found it has helped refine my very human capabilities and improve my shortcomings as a writer — a profession that requires endless polishing and learning.

Oh, and if you’re curious, I used ChatGPT and Grammarly to help me edit this blog post.


AI Disclosure 🤖

Yep, I’m a content writer who likes to play around with AI, and it helped me write this article! But don’t worry, I only use AI for my personal content because I think it’s a skill worth developing and honing — it is, after all, showing no signs of going anywhere anytime soon!

I won’t use AI to create work for you — that just feels wrong. 

Hi there! I'm Siobhan the creator behind Thoughtfully Pretty Co.



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