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Must Know Social Media Terms for Interior Designers & Creative Business Owners

Must Know Social Media Terms For Interior Designers & Creative Business Owners

Free yourself from the content overwhelmed with simplified social media jargon.

Success on Instagram, and any other social media platform, requires more than just posting. To reach your goals, you’ve likely heard social media experts say you need to be doing things like:

  • Developing a social media strategy

  • Developing a campaign

  • Tracking KPIs

  • And sooo many other tasks

But what are these things? Let’s take a look at common social media terms and what they mean in the world of social media and content creation.

What does ‘Social Media Strategy’ mean?

It’s the plan and methods that will be used to achieve your social media goals.

But a social media strategy is more than a list of tactics. It defines your “why” for showing up on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. It’s data-driven, goal-based, and analytical.

It outlines the type of content you’ll post and the metrics you’ll track.

It addresses the five Ws: who, what, where, when, why, and even the how of your social media content.

What does it mean to ‘Boost’ your post?

To boost your post means you’ve paid for your post to get shown to more people.

This can also be frequently referred to as a boosted post or boosting a post.

What do social media experts mean by ‘Reach’?

Reach refers to how many people see your post.

This can refer to organic reach, which means how many people see your post without ‘boosting’ or paying to advertise it.

Or, it can be paid reach, which refers to how many people saw your ‘boosted’ or advertised post(s) that you’ve paid to get in front of people.

What do social media experts mean by ‘Impressions’?

Impressions refer to how many times your post has been seen. Unlike a post’s reach, impressions do not specify how many people have seen it, as an impression is counted even if the same person has seen the post multiple times.

What does ‘Engagement Rate’ mean?

Engagement rate is a method of measuring how many people interact with your post(s).

What do social media experts mean by ‘KPIs’?

KPIs or ‘key performance indicators’ are the metrics used to track how well (or not well) your content is doing.

Specific KPIs are often chosen to help you determine if you’re reaching a social media goal you’ve set. Because your goal is unique to you, the metrics you track will vary.

For example, if you’re tracking a goal to grow brand awareness, you may look at KPIs, including reach, impressions, and profile visits.

What does ‘Social Selling’ mean?

Social selling is about using social media as a means to build and foster meaningful customer or client relationships.

This is done by building your brand's authority with things like:

  • Posting informative content

  • Answering FAQs

  • Responding to comments and DMs

  • Engaging with brands and influencers in your industry

Even though ‘selling’ is in the name, the focus is not on pushing or advertising a product or service. This way, when the person you’ve connected with is ready to buy, you’re top of mind.

What do social media experts mean by ‘Social Media Campaign’?

A social media campaign is part of a social media strategy but is usually dedicated to a specific event, like a sale.

For example, a business’s posts about Black Friday would be considered a campaign for the sale.

What does ‘Evergreen Content’ mean?

Evergreen content refers to content that, regardless of the time of year, is relevant to your audience.

A strong content plan will include evergreen content alongside more timely or seasonally specific content.

For example, an Instagram post or blog post about ‘timeless colours for your bedroom’ is something people will always be interested in. Whereas content like ‘holiday decor to create a cozy Christmas’ is only relevant at certain times of the year.

What is ‘Social Proof’?

Social Proof refers to the phenomenon where people are more likely to think something is good if other people think it’s good too.

Usually, social proof can be communicated with things such as the number of likes, followers, and testimonials a brand has.

These can help establish brand trust and win over new followers or potential clients.

What does ‘UGC’ mean?

UGC or user-generated content refers to content that’s been created by real people or customers rather than a brand.

This form of content is a great way to add social proof, grow brand awareness, gain customer loyalty, and show the real value a brand offers.

For example, if a happy client shares photos of the new space you’ve created for them, those photos would be considered user-generated content for your brand.

In the past, brands have created UGC for their campaigns by offering incentives (e.g., giveaways or prizes) for users to share photos or reviews of their products/services.

More recently, this has become a paid content form as well. There are now content creators who you can pay to help you create user-generated content.

Like many things in the world of content creation and social media, UGC is changing and evolving at a rapid rate.

What is ‘Social Listening’?

Social listening refers to monitoring what’s being said on social media about your brand, an industry, or a specific person.

Social listening can be used to help assess people's thoughts and feelings toward your brand and help guide content plans to stay ahead of competitors and stand out in your industry.

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