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The Delights of House Plants: 7 Benefits We Should All Obsess Over

Is it just me, or has the world become obsessed with plants? (Not that I am complaining even one bit.) Everywhere you look, from the grocery store to social media, you see collections of houseplants in all shapes and sizes.

This has made growing a plant collection easy and available to many people. And the obsession isn't hard to understand when you start your collection or even look at all the research that has gone into studying our relationship with plants.

Researchers have seen benefits time and again (including those over at NASA), meaning there's a pile of evidence supporting filling your home with real greenery. It's enough to make me encourage everyone to fill their home with potted pants.

Let's dive into all the amazing things our house plants do for us.

The Delightful Benefits of House Plants:

They add natural beauty to your home

Using plants in your home decor adds beauty and pops of colour to indoor spaces. It's kind of like bringing that beautiful landscape inside. And with wide varieties in colour, shape, and size, there are options for all aesthetics and preferences.

House plants teach us patience & resilience

Caring for plants is not always as simple as watering them sometimes; they need a little extra love and support to do well, and this can take time. The process of watching them cycle through seasons and go through times of lowered health to thriving is an incredible show of resilience, and I think we all can learn a little lesson from watching them.

House plants are a source of accomplishment

Successfully caring for a plant to the point where it is not just surviving but thriving under your care is a wonderful feeling. It often requires research and getting your hands dirty, but the payoff is worth every little pain.

In a busy and taxing world, sometimes it's nice to come home to see your lovingly cared-for plant and think to yourself, "you're still green; I must be doing something right."

House plants can supplement your grocery list

They may not make a huge dent in your grocery bill, but some edible plants can do well indoors. Herbs are a great house plant and are wonderful added to meals –not to mention the lovely aroma they can add to a space.

House plants purify the air

Remember how I mentioned NASA researchers? Well, air quality is precisely what they looked at in their famous study on house plants. They wanted to see if plants improve air quality by reducing pollutants like cigarette smoke and VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

The study showed that houseplants do purify the air around us, some much better than others. Wondering which plants help clear the air the best? Check out this list or read the original study.

House plants are good for your mental health

Various studies show that indoor plants help us reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression and reduce stress levels. In fact, potted plants are prescribed by clinics in England thanks to their therapeutic properties.

House plants make us better at our jobs

Studies show that working with indoor plants nearby makes us more attentive, productive, and creative.

From beauty to improved well-being, the benefits of indoor plants seem endless.

Having plants in your home, office, or anywhere you're spending time indoors is a positive thing. With a bit of patience, research, and luck, the plants in your life can thrive and you'll reap the benefits every step of the way.



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